We have over 250 residents on the farm and offer a safe sanctuary to a wide number of animals needing rehabilitation. These include: Donkeys, Goats, The Cutest Pigs, Disabled dogs, (including blind, combat/fighting dogs and survivors of abuse and neglect.) Rodents, Many Birds rescued from accidents and abuse. Dozens of Cats who make the farm their residence with no invitation. Many chickens, ducks and geese!


All animals arrive at the farm through animal welfare associations or through animal rights activists. 


We work with children of varying disabilities. Including Autism, youth at risk, youth in care and more. They help feed clean and take care of each animal with inspiring compassion. 


All work on the farm is done on a voluntary basis. The farm simply would not exist without your valuable donations


Please Open your Heart and donate. your donation helps save the farm and all its furry and feathery residents lives.

Donate by Bank Transfare:

Hapoalim 12
Branch 675
account no. 421470
על שם חוות קרן-אור (ע"ר)

Donate by bit:

Phone: 054-903-3445


Cancellation / Transaction Policy: The executor may contact the nonprofit to request billing information and to cancel a transaction. A transaction can be canceled within 30 days of the contribution being made on the Internet or by telephone under the Consumer Protection Act 1981. The nonprofit will make the necessary change in accordance with the policy at the time at the credit company. If the credit company charges the association with a commission for the operation, the executor will be charged with such commission. The nonprofit will cancel or change a donation amount at the donor's request.

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