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The little cart was just born and has been through so much in life. She was born with a leg defect that did not allow her to stand on her own. In addition, the little one had digestive problems that caused her to have a lot of bloating in her stomach and made her even heavier.

Thus she lay in the tiny calf enclosure, having difficulty standing, and unable to learn to walk alone. When the veterinarian determined that she needed probiotics to treat the bloated stomach condition, the barn decided to give her contaminated water in the stool, in order to save costs.

A small baby who is still breastfeeding, in need of warmth and love and medical care, lies densely transparent among the other calves.

Yaeli came to us after many efforts and immediately began to receive the treatment she deserved. Slowly the bloating in her stomach went down and every day we tried to spur Yaeli to stand alone and encourage her to try to walk. The perseverance and great dedication began to bear fruit and Yaeli was finally able to rise to her feet.

Every day another step and another one and our Yaeli is already skipping. After a long and arduous rehabilitation period the day is already healthy and happy, still under close supervision and follow-up, but already skipping and bouncing with the rest of the friends, and distributing kisses and licks to everyone who demands it.

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