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Tours  at the farm

החווה אינה פתוחה לקהל הרחב, נא לא להגיע ללא תיאום מראש.

בואו לבקר אותנו! 

In the guided tours of the farm we will get to know the animals and the personal story of each animal on the farm.

The donations from the tours are a contribution to the farm that enables its operation and existence
And the day-to-day care of animals.


Dear visitors please note 💜

  • Please arrive for the tour with closed shoes, a hat and water.

  • It is allowed to pet the farm animals that are approached and interested in the relationship.

  • Unfortunately for insurance reasons it is not possible to stay in the farm area after the end of the tour.

  • The farm is vegan, please do not bring in animal food._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  •   It is not possible to reach the farm without prior arrangement

  •   Children up to the age of 14 must be closely accompanied by an adult.

  • Each tour is about an hour long, please arrive on time, we will not be able to wait for the latecomers.


Contact phone on tour days only - 0549334437

Thank you very much and see you at the farm!

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