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Volunteer regulations and safety rules at the farm


We are happy and grateful for the desire to join the family of farm volunteers.

In order for all parties to enjoy a fruitful and enjoyable visit, please go through the following rules emphasizing the safety rules of the place and sign their acceptance and approval.

  1. The person responsible for your volunteering at the farm is the person in charge of the farm and all his instructions must be obeyed.

  2. For the avoidance of doubt, all your activities on the farm are done voluntarily and without any monetary or other consideration.

  3. By signing, you agree and confirm that this does not create an employee-employer relationship between you and the farm, that your volunteering is done at your express request, that there will be no employee-employer relationship between you and the farm, and that you will not receive any consideration for your said volunteering. Your volunteering will not be subject to any collective employment agreements and / or collective arrangements. You also agree and are aware that your volunteering will not entitle you to be insured with Social Security or any other insurance with which the farm is insured.

  4. It is agreed between the parties explicitly and in advance that if a competent court determines definitively and requires that during the period of your volunteering as stated, an employee-employer relationship has been established between you and the company, then:

    1. In a period to be determined by the said court as a period in which an employee-employer relationship took place between us, the agreed wage for the determining period will be the minimum wage in the economy, and depending on the number of hours you actually volunteered on the farm.

    2. You also undertake to sue the Company for any payment and / or expense incurred by the Company, for any claim and / or demand filed by you and / or anyone on your behalf, according to which an employee-employer relationship has been established between you and the Company.

  5. All equipment and other items provided to you or come into your possession as part of your volunteering at the farm, to the extent provided to you, will belong to the farm at all times, and you hereby undertake to keep the equipment during your volunteering and return it to the farm upon completion of volunteering, or at any other time.

  6. You undertake that you have read and agreed to the conditions and precautions and safety rules listed below for volunteering at the farm ("Safety Rules").

  7. You declare that you understand that you must act in accordance with the safety rules in order to protect your safety and the integrity of your body as well as to protect the farm animals and other volunteers from potential damage.

  8. Safety rules:

    • Hours of operation at the farm as advertised on the farm website. A visit to the farm area, and any activity in it, will be done during business hours only and with the approval of the farm manager. Entry to the farm area without permission and during the hours of darkness is strictly forbidden.

    • The entrance to the farm is in closed shoes and only long pants without exception.

    • Do not open cages without permission !! The animals that escape will not survive in the wild!

    • Do not give the animals food without the express permission of the farm manager! Providing food to the animals, to the extent that approval is given, will be done sitting on the floor and offering the food to the animals while giving the animals a choice to access the food.

    • The peace and quiet on the farm must be maintained, by not shouting, not running, and not raging.

    • Do not pick up eggs from the floor.

    • Waste should be collected in the recycling bins, and not left scattered on the farm.

    • Do not chase the animals, it is not pleasant for them.

    • Do not lift animals. It's not pleasant for them.

    • It is important to close each cage after entering!

    • Do not enter the "hamzaria" (the area designated for donkeys and goats) or the house of the babe (pig) without the permission of the person in charge of the farm who will accompany the volunteer.

    • Do not insert fingers / food through the net into the animals.

  9. The visit to the farm is the responsibility of the visitors, and except in connection with bodily injuries and subject to any law, the farm or its owner will not bear any responsibility as a result of any damage that may be caused to the visitors. The visitors to the farm hereby undertake not to sue the farm or its owners for any damage that may be caused during their stay at the farm and they will not have any right in the matter.

  10. The farm is a vegan farm. Please adapt to the nature of the farm.

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