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Volunteering at the farm - frequently asked questions

Is the place covered?

Most of the farm is outside and not covered, but it is mostly shaded by trees.

Is it worth putting on sunscreen?

Since you will be outside, it is advisable to put on sunscreen, but most of the time you will not be in direct sun but under the shade of trees.

What clothes to wear and what shoes to wear when it comes to volunteering at the farm?

It is mandatory to wear long pants and wear closed shoes.

If you have been to another farm, the clothes and shoes with which you enter the farm must be disinfected before and after in order not to transmit diseases to the animals.

I am allergic to hay. Can I still volunteer?

The farm has hay that is scattered in the area and is used, among other things, as food for the animals. The hay is also found inside the cells of the animals.

It is possible, by prior arrangement, to volunteer only in the kitten, where there is no hay.

For those who have a severe allergy to hay, it is recommended not to come to the farm (except for a feline).

There are volunteers with a mild allergy to hay who come to volunteer - this is at your discretion, at your own risk, and depending on the severity of the allergy.

Is it possible to only rake hay as part of volunteering?

for sure. The farm needs a variety of help. Each volunteer can contribute in his own way and in a way that suits the farm and him, by prior arrangement.

Is it allowed to pet the animals while volunteering?

If the animal  is interested  in proximity and contact, and he approaches_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-138bad_f5.

Do not chase animals  and do not force them  to receive caresses if they_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3f-138bad_.

Do not lift the animals.

Do not pet animals that are caged in the clinic because they have nowhere to run. They are sick, and it is also important not to get infected from them.

There are  animals  certain b55bb5bc

The instructions of the person in charge at the farm must be obeyed.

Are there minimum or maximum hours to volunteer?

No. The estimated time of arrival and the estimated duration of volunteering should be coordinated with cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_. There is no obligation to stay an exact and pre-defined number of hours. Sometimes there is strength to stay longer and sometimes after hard work you finish earlier. It's up to you.

Is it possible to volunteer in the evening as well?

It is not currently possible to reach the farm in the dark.

Those who volunteer from home (for example, help with advertising) can of course volunteer at hours that are convenient for them.

On what days can you volunteer?

Sunday to Friday, by prior arrangement.

Do you have to come to volunteer every week on a regular day?

It is very helpful if you can arrive on a fixed day every week, but it is also possible to arrive on non-fixed days, by prior arrangement.

Is it possible to get to the farm without prior arrangement?

No. It is mandatory to coordinate in advance any arrival at the farm.

If you have scheduled to arrive on a specific day, please arrive.

If you are forced to cancel, please let us know.

Is there water in place?

Yes. You can bring a bottle of water from home so that you have it when you walk around while volunteering, but there is also a cold water facility for drinking on the farm.

Is there a place to park a bicycle?

There is plenty of space :-)

Can children under the age of 16 come to volunteer at the farm?

Child volunteer activity accompanied by a volunteer from the farm, for a period of up to 3 hours for a nominal fee. For more details, fill out the volunteer form , state that this is a volunteer escort for the child and a representative on our behalf will get back to you for coordination as soon as possible.

How to get to the farm?

The farm is located on Harkon Street, Hod Hasharon.

Exact directions and entry will be given to the volunteers after a conversation with the volunteer coordinator.

Is it possible to volunteer only with the dogs or only with the cats?

No :-) Most dogs and cats need less attention, they live on vacation on the farm and receive care as part of the daily activities on the farm.

Is it possible to volunteer in construction, electrical work, water, carpentry, or renovations and repairs?

Definitely! We will be very happy to help you with the maintenance of the farm, the construction of new buildings, the construction of facilities for animals, and more.

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