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Goat - Our goat was parked in the parking lot! She was thrown in the middle of the parking lot and there she was left alone, scared and frightened, not understanding where she was and what she was doing. Izzy was very, very scared of humans (we can already guess why) so no one approached Izzy. She got all the time in the world. Slowly, Izzy began to connect with the regular characters on the farm, Keren-Or, Michael and the regular volunteers, and so she began to make the connection herself. Two months later we got a daring surprise! A sweet little goat was born at a good time. So in addition to the panic and stress she had when she was thrown in the parking lot, she was also pregnant. Meet Izzy and Halisi, the sweetest mother and daughter there is!

Containers - The little container was meant to be a meal. She arrived home on the eve of a holiday and was saved right in the last  ! A good girl took her to her, and from there she passed several houses, until she came to the estate. She came to our farm a little kid a few months old, happy and bouncy, curious and active, and very quickly she joined the gang! Meet the funny containers!

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