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The bitch that almost everyone decided to give up, except for one wonderful woman named Sandra, who chose not to accept her sentence, but to fight for her life.


Nine months ago, Lisa, by her husband, was handed over to another organization suffering from extreme underweight and a neurological problem. After a thorough examination at the veterinary hospital, it turned out that Lisa had apparently had a car accident. She has two broken vertebrae in her neck which caused her to become disabled, and combined with the neurological problem, she has difficulty walking, eating and functioning.

Sandra, decided to take Lisa to foster care and for half a year fed her 3 times a day from her palm - it turns out that only then Lisa agrees to eat, a selective appetite called it.

Thanks to her wonderful dedication, Lisa gained 5 kg.

But then Lisa was transferred to a boarding house where she again lost a lot of weight. This time, the thinness was so extreme that she reached a point where she had difficulty standing on her own two feet.

In light of the difficult images, our desire to help only intensified. After examining Lisa's medical record, we decided we would not join anyone who gave it up.

On the verge of despair and with a lot of pain, Sandra came to us, carrying Lisa in her arms for a medical examination at the association's clinic. She asked us to fight her and do everything we could to help her.


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