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Zvika arrived together with Malka, a pair of innocent town babies who in their short lives experienced neglect and deprivation. They were rescued from their abusive owner with great difficulty. When we arrived at the farm, we discovered that Malka's health condition was complex and complicated. She was given special food, and all the love we could give her around the clock, but unfortunately after a few months of war for her life, our queen collapsed and died. Her brother Zvika, who took care of his little sister, turned around all the time and always wanted to make sure she was okay, was left alone. But today he is part of a large and loving family that will continue to give him confidence and pampering. Zvika is a charming, sociable and kind-hearted town. And we were privileged to give our beloved Zvika the best life there is.

We are happy to update ... that she has since arrived at another donkey farm that has been severely abused and Zvika has fallen in love with her and she is with him at first sight and since then they have been inseparable.


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