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Little Shahar miraculously escaped abusive hands. A hoof torn from one of the legs left her with a very severe wound, unable to step on the foot. Members of Kibbutz Tovi Lev found her injured. They hid her in a room where she would be protected and immediately called for help.

We started raising donations urgently and were looking for transportation for the unfortunate baby. It was not easy, but we were determined to find a way to bring her to us for treatment.

The little one was immediately rushed to Beit Dagan due to a serious leg injury. Bleeding and sore, we did not know if it would be possible to save her leg. After a careful examination of the condition and consultation with the best veterinary experts, we were all tearfully happy when we heard that our Shahar would not lose her leg.

But the road to recovery was still very far away.

Shahar the heroine has come home! Frightened and apprehensive, we approached her slowly, stroked and also explained that everything would be fine. We started antibiotic treatment, and the injured leg underwent and still is undergoing local treatment and special bandages that will allow the little one to step on the foot. Dawn is already feeling much better and slowly, both body and mind are recovering from the wounds. She learns to trust people again and realizes that she has reached a good place where she is cared for and loved. There is still a long way to go but Shahar is already managing to enjoy her new life with the rest of the friends, the occupants of the farm - and especially with Yaeli - her best friend.

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